The Best Time Zemo Ever Broke Character In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

One of Baron Helmut Zemo’s most notorious changes between “Captain America: Civil War” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is his wardrobe. He spends the duration of “Civil War” in nondescript, functional, and deeply unfashionable clothes that underline his comparatively everyman nature and utilitarian approach. However, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” makes it clear that movie-Zemo is very much in Special Ops mode, doing Special Ops things, when he dresses that way. The Disney+ series shows the Sokovian wearing the clothes he actually enjoys — up to and including the iconic, purple mask from the comics. 

This Zemo is a very stylish one, and a scene in Disney+’s docuseries “Marvel Studios: Assembled” makes the absolute best of this change … by turning Zemo into a spokesman for a clothes company called “Suitkovia.”

The 32-second scene sees Zemo lounging on a couch — surrounded by creepy, gilded ape skulls

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Falcon and Winter Soldier Documentary Reveals Zemo’s Suit-Kovia Infomercial

The Falcon and Winter Soldier behind-the-scenes feature includes an infomercial for Zemo’s stylish, Sokovian fashion.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Finale, “One World, One People,” now streaming on Disney+.

Baron Zemo, and in turn Daniel Brühl, had a pop culture moment when shots of him dancing in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier went viral. Never one to miss an opportunity, the Marvel Cinematic Universe added a clever coda to the moment in Assembled: The Making of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with an infomercial for Zemo’s suit.

There’s been hype around some costumes in the show, specifically with Sam’s new Captain America uniform. Zemo has a similar — if quieter — moment early in the series when he donned his infamous purple mask from the comic books, but for some, it was in the shadow of the prior moment

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