How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe That Will Last a Lifetime

Not so long ago, the fashion world was buzzing about the concept of a capsule wardrobe—the kind of compact closet that only held a bare minimum of pieces that all perfectly matched each other with great ease and much time saved in the morning. Perhaps because the economic downturn was ramping up at the same time that a furious decade of fast-fashion shopping was taking its toll on the capacity of our closets, the capsule wardrobe appeared to be the solution to everyone’s fashion woes.

Around that time in 2014, Caroline Rector, a Texan and fashion lover who’d had enough of the chaos, began to whittle down her closet to a mere 37 pieces, documenting the process on her brilliant website called Unfancy. Everyone paid attention to her method.

A few years later, we thought it time to catch up with the capsule wardrobe guru for a refresher

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Chanel’s Winter Wardrobe is Quiet But Powerful

a group of people standing in front of a building: Chanel Fall/Winter 2021 Runway

Chanel Fall/Winter 2021 Runway

Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2021 runway invites you to the French alps, because what is Chanel if not a far-flung fantasy?

This story originally appeared on ELLE US

We’ll be the first to admit there are things we don’t miss about fashion week: the rigid, never-ending itinerary; midnight deadlines; frantically searching for a bathroom between shows; the guilt associated with being tired, annoyed and overworked while being part of such a beautiful industry. But one thing we do miss is the fanfare of the Chanel runway. A highlight of every season, the French fashion house knows how to put on a show. While the opulence of a catwalk now feels cloyingly amiss in times of crisis and isolation, there’s magic in those memories, like being a kid at a carnival (or an adult at Chanel’s 2008 show, complete with a merry-go-round). For now, we’ve lost the rocket

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Kids Latest Fashion Trend Decoded! Fabric Style To Theme, Update Your Child’s Wardrobe!

Fashion is something that rules the world in some or the other way and the industry huge across the world. Fashion designers try to come up with something unique every month and with every collection they try to breathe in a fresh air of sorts to change the way people look at daily wear, casual wear, swimwear, bridal wear and even nightwear. Not just women, fashion is huge for men as well. Not just regukar people, fashion has also entered and explored maternity wear to give a twist and pick me up to all those expecting moms who thought only oversized clothing is what they have to wear. One area that has witnessed a huge boom is that of kidswear which ranges from matching outfits with the parents. Their clothes are as pricey as ours and the designs out there for children knows no bounds that sometimes we wish we

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