18/07/2024 5:28 PM


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How to create an ageless capsule wardrobe with high street essentials

For decades, the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe has been the stylish person’s holy grail. But what does it mean? For me, it’s about a wardrobe of more or less timeless clothes that guarantee I always have something that doesn’t just do the job, but brings me joy. And when I say job, I mean jobs. We all need flexible outfit options.

A capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean stripping back to the bare bones. Even if that’s the aspirational nirvana of those with minuscule flats or Kondo warriors, a teeny rail of a dozen or so items is just not pragmatic for most of us.

It does mean identifying the kind of pieces that work for you. While you’re bound to repeat buy certain categories, that’s all right, because even classics evolve and acquire new details that make them seem timely. If you stick to The List, you’ll have a series of capsule wardrobes that blend together.

With the ever-changing, consistently turbulent British weather, you never know exactly what pieces you’re going to be wearing. Many indulge in the luxury of vacuum-packing their “winter clothes” – but when one day sees temperatures soar to 23 degrees and another day has you freezing in the wind and rain, it’s hard to do this. Never has a capsule wardrobe been more important – particularly, now, as we gradually prepare for the “big return” to the office.

With that in mind, the following outfits should work for almost everyone.

How to create a capsule wardrobe

1. A softly (or more severe if that’s your thing) tailored outfit