Here’s How French Fashion Women Are Decorating Their Apartments Right Now

You may have noticed that we are major Francophiles over here at Who What Wear. From their effortlessly chic style and nonchalant aesthetic in fashion and beauty, we’re utterly captivated by that French je ne sais quoi. Naturally, French-girl style extends to their interiors too. A fashionable French woman’s apartment is chic yet welcoming, classic with a modern edge, and sophisticated without looking like she’s ever tried too hard. The spaces feature a perfect mix of vintage and contemporary pieces without looking too precious or extravagant. Essentially French spaces are timeless, classic, and cool.

So how do we emulate that aesthetic in our own homes? And just how are our fashionable French friends decorating their apartments right now? Scroll below for French interior tips and picks you’ll that will help you decorate your home like a chic Parisian. Now, if we could only find an apartment with those tall

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What Do Women Actually Want From Maternity Fashion?

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Yes, The COVID “Baby Bust” Is Real — Unless You’re Rich

The “baby boom” predicted at the beginning of the pandemic is now widely acknowledged to have been a baby bust. Though there was an assumption that people would take the opportunity to procreate while stuck at home, instead states have reported large declines in birth rates for December 2020, nine months after lockdowns began in March. This shouldn’t come as such a shock. As long ago as June 2020, the Brookings Institution predicted that there would be up to half a million fewer babies born in 2021 than in 2019 (3.3 vs. 3.8 million) due to the economic recession resulting from the pandemic. (They recently announced they believe that prediction is still on track.) They based this expectation on fertility trends during past cataclysmic events like the 1918 Spanish Flu and the 2008 recession; after the

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How will women look post-pandemic?

Women look a bit different than when the pandemic began.

Loungewear for skirts, slippers for heels, bare faces for painted ones. Some of us are hairier, too. 

Andrea DeWerd, 33, of Brooklyn, New York, works in book publishing and says “I’m never wearing makeup or blow drying my hair for work again.” Julia Liss, 27, a technology sales executive in New York City, vows she’s “done wearing heels.” Marie Garmon, 41, in balmy Jacksonville, Florida, said, “I went from shaving my legs every few days … to not shaving at all since April.”

USA TODAY heard from dozens of women who shared that despite the pandemic’s lockdowns, social restrictions, and mask mandates, the relaxed beauty standards that have accompanied their retreat from public life have been “liberating.” 

“If there’s one thing good that came from this COVID mess, it’s that I was able to find myself,” Garmon said. “To hell

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A New Generation Of Hijabi Women Are Redefining Modest Style

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Your Horoscope This Week

After what was for many a draining and traumatic week, we can expect a mental shift on Monday, when messenger Mercury forms a conjunction with expansive Jupiter. This transit helps us to share big ideas and plan for the future. Discuss your options with friends and colleagues to make the most of this collaborative event.  Try to pace yourself and take things slowly on Tuesday, as speedy Mercury creates a square with chaotic Uranus in retrograde. It’s easier for us to get our signals crossed when working with others, so take a little extra time to make sure that you’ve got all of the facts before you get started on a new project. Many of us may be searching for a way to move forward or find the will to continue working toward our goals right now, and Wednesday offers an opportunity, as

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Rare photos of Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, and more iconic women

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