21/04/2024 12:02 AM


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39 Beauty Hacks That Can Make A Huge Impact On How Good You Look

Trust me — you already look good. But even the most perfected skincare and makeup routine can be updated now and then. Plus, I’m all about trying new products that will make my go-to routine easier, and there are definitely plenty of unique products to try out. Don’t believe me? Get ready to check out these little hacks that’ll elevate your already stunning look.

A bunch of these hacks actually save you time and money in your regular routine. Like the hydrating serum that could replace your weekly face mask. You use the lightweight hyaluronic acid formula under your facial moisturizer. That way, your skin gets deep hydration every day of the week, not just on self-care night.

There’s also a hair-waving tool that challenges any and every overnight hair hack. The uniquely-shaped ceramic plates won’t cause frizz like sleeping in curlers will. Plus, this hack is easier to learn than using a curling iron. A few of these hacks can even save you time when it’s time to disinfect your skincare and makeup tools, like a spinning makeup brush cleaning kit.

You’re obviously already looking perfect, so why not try some new fun hacks out? They’re all easy to add into your routine, and they’ll elevate your current product lineup.


Prevent Painful Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs With A Gentle Brush

If you prefer shaving but hate painful bumps and ingrown hairs, this silicone brush is the best hack. The gentle bristles will also help out with lymphatic drainage and prevent those painful post-shaving problems. With a comfort grip handle, this is a hygienic option for those painful shaving problems because you can take it apart clean everything.


Replace All Your Hair Product With This Multi-Benefit Formula

This hack is all about using one hair product instead of 10. Grab this multi-benefit spray to make your hair routine easier. The coconut-infused formula protects your hair from heat up to 450 degrees. It also stops your color from fading, prevents static, detangles, amps up volume, moisturizes, and more. Basically — this coconut oil hair product is all you’ll need.


Use Blotting Tissues Instead Of Adding On More Powder

Pack these oil-free blotting tissues in your bag instead of your setting powder and fluffy brush. They’re made with bamboo and charcoal, and they’re especially helpful if you like to blot your face to get rid of oil and sweat after the gym. They even double as glasses cleaning cloths. These oil-absorbing tissues also come in a dispensing case, so they’re easy to grab one at a time.


Give Yourself A Facial Massage With A Jade Roller & Gua Sha

You might love your jade roller, but have you tried using it with a gua sha? This facial massage set doubles the soothing benefits. In addition to giving you. great facial massage, these tools can help hydrate your skin if you use it with your serum or oils. Use the roller for under your eyes, while the gua sha is perfect for a stress-relieving jawline massage. For an extra fabulous sensaton, store both of these in the fridge.


Get Remarkably Soft Hands At Home With A Hydrating Glove

Who says hydrating masks are just for your face and feet? Use this hydrating hand mask to make an at-home manicure feel even more luxurious. Reach for these gloves anytime your hands need even more moisture than your regular lotion can provide. The formula inside each glove has coconut oil, milk extract, and hyaluronic acid to provide intense hydration.


Use A Hydrating Serum Before Lotion For Moisturized Skin

This hydrating serum saves you money on weekly face masks because it will give your skin that extra moisture every single day. The lightweight hyaluronic acid formula keeps your face and neck deeply hydrated for up to 24 hours. Plus, it’s complete with glycerin and even vitamin B5 to really lock in that moisture.


Handle Painful Pimples With An Overnight Patch

These skincare patches are the ultimate hack for painful pimples because we’ve all stained something with a messy acne product. Each clear patch is latex-free, and the adhesive is strong enough to stick overnight or wear under a face mask. They’re complete with a non-drying hydrocolloid that’s so high-quality it’s actually medical-grade. Plus, they protect your skin while it heals, unlike creams.


Put Your Hair Up With Satin Scrunchies For Stronger Strands

Changing up your hair tie situation with these satin scrunchies is a simple hack that could make your hair stronger. This 100% satin charmeuse pack prevents hair damage and won’t leave unappealing creases in your locks. You can even go to bed wearing these scrunchies if you love sleeping with a messy bun — they’re just that comfortable.


Exfoliate Your Feet With A Fan Favorite Peeling Mask

This foot mask is an easy way to exfoliate your feet and get baby soft results. They have natural and botanical ingredients, and work to shed away dry, calloused skin from your feet. Just slip on two of the booties, wear them for an hour, and go about your life as normal. In two weeks, you’ll have feet that look brand new.


Use A Brush That Will Get Through Tangles Without Breakage

Instead of using your regular brush on tangles, grab this detangling brush that really gets through those knots. The design of the plastic bristles works through each tangle by gently separating it. That way, you don’t tug on your hair as you pull the brush down, preventing frizz and breakage. These flexible bristles work on all hair types, which is why this brush has an astounding 39,000 five-star reviews.


Stock Up On Makeup Sponges That Are Washable & Reusable

If you have enough backup makeup sponges, you’re bound to wash them more often. That’s why this affordable makeup sponge pack is the way to go for a more hygienic makeup routine. These soft sponges are made of a high-density material, which simply means they won’t absorb all of your foundation and concealer. Plus, they have a classic egg shape for a precise application that works just as well as pricier makeup sponges.


Wash Makeup Brushes Quickly With A Brush Cleaning Kit

I promise this time-saving makeup brush cleaning kit will make you clean those brushes more often (because we all know that we should). You’ll only need to buy this one kit because it comes with the brush spinning tool and accessories, a washing bowl, a charger, and even the brush cleaning solution. Plus, the spinning tool helps your brushes dry, so the entire cleaning process is quicker.


Take Care Of Your Skin & Hair With A Satin Pillowcase

This satin pillowcase is an easy way to protect your skin and hair overnight. The soft fabric prevents hair breakage, tangles, and frizz, and it helps keep skincare on yoru skin. You’ll also want this machine-washable pillowcase if you have a habit of waking up one minute before a video meeting because it won’t leave creases on your face while you sleep. Plus, they’re pretty trendy right now, so your bedroom will be looking so stylish.


Moisturize Your Cuticles With Nourishing Oil

If you don’t want to spend your whole paycheck on nail salon visits, simply keep a bottle of this cuticle oil around. The sunflower oil hydrates and strengthens your cuticles. But, it’s also enriched with nourishing milk and honey for cuticles and nails to feel extra-taken care of. This long-lasting dropper bottle comes in 14 different formulas with unique benefits.


Calm & Soothe Your Skin With 100% Organic Marula Oil

Instead of researching a bunch of ingredients in pricey serums, simply grab this 100% organic marula oil. This cold-pressed oil gives your skin vitamins E, C, and omegas 6 and 9 to condition without leaving a greasy residue. This hydrating oil will even repair skin damage from the sun. The best part is you can apply this oil in almost any order. Put it on before sunscreen or foundation, and even apply it before bed.


Give Your Lips Serious Moisture With An Overnight Mask

Say goodbye to chapped lips for good by applying this lip sleeping mask to your kisser before you go to bed. Formulated with vitamin C and antioxidants, this thick, pink lip mask comes with a mess-free applicator and works hard to add moisture back into lips. Pro tip: It works especially well after exfoliation.


Soothe Skin Concerns With A Gentle Daily Repairing Soap

This therapeutic soap is the answer to so many skin concerns. The soothing formula has aloe vera, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, vitamins, and more. All of these natural ingredients can help with dry and cracked skin and can even soothe itching. This moisturizing and skin-repairing body wash is also OK to use every day.


Avoid Irritated Skin With A Gentle Liquid Exfoliator

If you’ve ever had irritated skin from scrubbing with a harsh exfoliator, this liquid exfoliator is the fix. You won’t need to worry about redness or painful irritation because this leave-on formula soothes your skin with green tea. Meanwhile, the salicylic acid will gently exfoliate and brighten with zero scrubbing required. Don’t believe the miraculous nature of this exfoliant? Just trust the 42,000-plus five-star reviews.


Create Wavy Hair Quickly With This Cult Favorite Iron

This hair-waving tool is way quicker than those viral overnight hacks that sometimes don’t work. The tourmaline ceramic prevents frizz, and the clamping design is honestly easier (and faster) to learn than a curling iron. This hair waver is complete with an auto-off feature and three temperature settings, which is why this cult cult favorite hair tool has over 32,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Get A Super Clean Feeling With A Trendy Carbonated Clay Mask

Use this exfoliating face mask anytime you feel like your skin wants to breathe. The carbonated formula bubbles on your skin and leaves every pore super clean. It’s also complete with clay, charcoal, green tea extract, lavender extract, and more hardworking ingredients. The best part? This mask turns into a light foam that’s easy to wash off when you’re done.


Dry Your Hair Fast By Wrapping It Up In A Microfiber Hair Towel

Drying your hair is way quicker with this anti-frizz microfiber hair towel. It will absorb water five times quicker than your bath towel, and it will help prevent flyaways and breakage. While your hair dries, everything stays secure with the button at the back. Plus, let’s be honest, think of how chic it’ll feel to have a towel specifically for your hair!


Look Wide Awake With A Gold Eye Mask, Even If You’re *So* Tired

No matter what time you actually fell asleep, these 24K gold eye masks are what you need to reach for in the morning. They have vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid to help out your under eyes if you’re way too tired. The real hack with these hydrating eye masks is to carry them with you on your next trip. They’re especially soothing after a long day in the airport.


Apply A Concealer That Dries Quickly For The Best Finish

A hack for a crease-free under eye finish is this full-coverage concealer. It’s quick-drying, so the formula doesn’t have any time to separate or crease. Instead, you’ll just be left with the perfect matte finish, thanks to kaolin clay. It also has avocado oil to keep your skin moisturized the entire workday (or longer) — you can wear this concealer for up to 16 hours.


Get A Real Gel Manicure At Home With A UV Lamp

Plenty of polishes say they’ll give you an at-home gel manicure, but this gel polish kit and UV light is the real deal for an at-home, salon-worthy mani or pedi. With seven nail polishes for regular new looks, a 48-watt UV lamp to cure the polish, a primer, top coat, and everything else you need, this genius manicure set promises to give you nails that’ll last for weeks.


Refresh Your Hair With A Treatment You Don’t Need To Rinse Out

These pre-measured hair treatment capsules make hair TLC day way quicker. Each of these little capsules is full of avocado oil, Moroccan oil, and plenty of repairing vitamins to make your hair silky smooth. Pop one open, apply it to washed hair, and the silicone-free formula will moisturize your hair. You don’t even need to wash or rinse out this serum.


Play Around With Nail Art Trends With These Glittery Brushes

Practice your nail art skills at home (and save some money) with these glittery nail brushes. The super-fine bristles in this five-pack of brushes are perfect for recreating whatever detailed design is trending at the moment with the polish you already have on hand. The bristles may create intricate looks, but they’ll still hold their shape, and they won’t shed. You’ll also get five different brush sizes with this nail art hack, allowing you to create tons of looks


Get A Flawless Cat Eye With These Easy-To-Use Eyeliner Stamps

Everyone is going to ask about your perfect winged eyeliner if you use this double-sided eyeliner stamp. You get a liquid eyeliner pen for each eye. All you have to do is stamp eye one on the corner of your eyelid and then draw on with the normal liner on the rest of your lid. This highly-pigmented eyeliner hack is even waterproof, so it’s perfect for special occasions.


Replace Salt Scrubs With Exfoliating, Reusable Gloves

These stretchy shower gloves are a budget-friendly option if you’re tired of spending money on overly-fragranced salt scrubs. The nylon fabric gently exfoliates your skin, so it even works on sensitive skin. These work with or without body wash, and the colorful gloves each have a handy loop to hang it on your shower caddy.


Moisturize Your Heels With A Lotion Made For Your Feet

This repairing moisturizer is a little secret for painfully cracked heels and dry feet. That’s because it’s specifically formulated for the thicker skin on your feet. The fragrance, concentrated formula is best to apply before bed, so it can absorb. The next day, your feet will be moisturized, and it even creates a protective layer to prevent any further damage.


Avoid Cuts With These Anti-Slip Fingernail Clippers

These fingernail clippers are complete with an anti-slip grip and an ergonomic design to avoid any nicks or cuts. They’re made of alloy-coated stainless steel, which means you can disinfect them with rubbing alcohol between uses. Plus, the extra-sharp and wide blades makes nail clipping day way easier, even for thick, tough nails.


Put On A Waterproof Liquid Highlight All Over Your Body

Apply this liquid highlight on your arms, legs, cheekbones (of course), or anywhere you want an illuminating effect. This glistening formula has a metallic finish and comes in seven colors. If you’re wanting to look extra-glowy, but you’ll be by the pool, this highlighter is completely waterproof. Don’t worry — it still washes off with your go-to soap.


Set Your Makeup & Brighten Up Your Look With Loose Powder

This banana setting powder is a classic makeup-setting hack while also brightening up your look. Whether or not you wear foundation, this mattifying powder will illuminate your skin. The pore-blurring formula has light coverage if you don’t love a full-makeup look. But if you do love a good foundation, this micro-fine powder makes it last longer.


Get Fluffy, Fab Brows With A Micro Brow Pencil & Spoolie

Grab this micro brow pencil instead of keeping up with getting your brows microbladed. The cruelty-free formula works on fine brow hairs and fills in sparse spots. The precise tip creates a natural brow hair look that’s so believable everyone will think you spent a bunch of money at the salon. But really, you just fluffed your brows with the handy attached spoolie.


Fix Split Ends With A Leave-In Cream That Saves Money On Trims

Add this leave-in cream to your hair after your shower, or even use it on dry hair. It’s a budget-friendly hair hack because the argan oil, hemp oil, wheat proteins, and vitamin B5 help out with split ends and breakage. This antioxidant-rich hair product might also save you from buying other hair products because it increases shine, prevents static, and more — just like your favorite leave-in conditioner might.


Apply Your Makeup In An Illuminated, Magnified Mirror

Even if you don’t wear makeup daily, this illuminated mirror is so helpful. The natural LED lighting and the three magnification levels means you can actually see your skin during your skincare routine, aka, you can be sure your sunscreen is completely rubbed in. It rotates 180 degrees and has a travel-friendly design. Plus, there’s a small compartment in the base to hold small items like a moisturizing eye cream or your lip balm.


Get Perfect Brows With These Hygienic, Precise Tweezers

Cover up these medical-grade stainless steel tweezers after every use with the included protected cover. That way, you won’t need to wash them or disinfect them as often. The slanted tips are perfectly aligned, so they can give you flawless brows, and they’re also precise enough to grab delicate faux lashes from their packaging.


Spritz Your Hair With A Dry Shampoo That Smells Great

With this dry shampoo, fluffing up your hair doesn’t mean your hair has to smell like overpowering hairspray. This volumizing formula adds a light jasmine, coconut, and vanilla scent to your newly refreshed hair. It also absorbs oils, of course. Plus, this easy-to-use hair refresher adds a little texture if you don’t use heat on your hair.


Use A Gel Bead Face Mask That Cools & Soothes

You’re going to want to use this gel bead mask in the morning and at night. Freeze or refrigerate it for a cooling skincare step before your makeup to soothe tired eyes and uneven skin. If you want a spa-worthy day at home, it’s totally OK to microwave the gentle material for a soothing mask before bed. The skin-friendly cover is also BPA- and latex-free.


Wash Your Face With A Calming Vitamin E-Infused Cleanser

This gel cleanser is an easy way to add antioxidants into your skincare routine without adding another step. The organic formula has 100% natural and hydrating vitamin E to repair damaged skin and promote collagen. Don’t worry — this cleanser is still super moisturizing with jojoba, avocado, lavender, and even rice bran oils.