23/05/2024 12:54 PM


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Beauty supply store owner opens doors for other Black entrepreneurs

A woman who never lost focus of her dream to own her own business achieved her goal through hard work and passion. Her story of perseverance is a tribute to Black heritage and is what’s right with Tampa Bay.

For Pamela Thompson, her beauty supply store, My Shade and Texture, has special meaning.

“It’s more than just a name. It’s an affirmation for women and men who look like me, to love your shade and texture,” she explained. 

Thompson was born and raised in Miami and graduated from Florida Memorial University with a degree in psychology in 2006. She worked as a crisis counselor and a case manager, and then spent more than 10 years working at the U.S. District Court.

But she couldn’t let her dream of being an entrepreneur out of sight.

“It’s always been a goal of mine to own my own business but I always gravitated to the beauty supply world,” she said.

Thompson decided to open her shop in 2019 after a bad shopping experience at a retail store.

“I decided to be a change agent and take it upon myself. It took some time to get here but with hard work and determination, I was able to open my first beauty supply store,” Thompson said.

There are thousands of beauty supply stores but few owned by African Americans.

“As black consumers, we are number one as it comes to purchasing items in the beauty world, whether it’s hair, skincare, or beauty products. However, that number does not reflect ownership,” Thompson explained.

Now she’s opening doors for other small business owners, inviting them to host pop-up shops and sell their products in her store.

“It’s bigger than me. It’s not just for Pam. It’s for my community and for people who look like me,” she said.

Thompson has more than 50 brands of hair, skin, and beauty products plus an on-site salon and a place where customers can make their own self-care products.

Thompson is proof that with hard work and determination, it’s possible to achieve your goals.