Black Model Megan Milan Was Racially Profiled At An Asian Beauty Supply Store

Shirley P. Olin
Young African woman from behind with curly hair in a wig shop.

Young African woman from behind with curly hair in a wig shop.

Source: VEAM Visuals / Getty

Let’s be honest: Making the decision to buy black is much more than keeping our coins in the community. Far too often, our Black dollars are taken for granted by other races when it comes to shopping at our local beauty supply stores. We’re sometimes mistreated, unfairly followed and our needs unmet. So, the latest revelation of a Black model being racially profiled in an Asian beauty supply store doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

In a disturbing video shared by Megan Milan, things started off with her bag being searched by an Asian worker.

“You guys, I’ve been in this store looking and this lady just came and checked my pockets,” Megan says in the video. After not finding anything in her pockets, the woman walks away while looking at her tablet.

Megan went on to point out that she was the only Black shopper in the beauty supply store at the time.

“I want you guys to know what store this is,” Megan says. I was going to spend money with her, but she decided to racially profile me and check my pockets.”

Megan goes on to record the outside of the store. As she walks back into the store, Megan decides to confront the Asian woman.

“I’m the only Black person in the store and you decided to check my pockets,” Megan says to the cashier. “I’m the only Black person. And you dug your hands in my pockets.”

Not only does the cashier not see an issue with what she did, she goes on to further disrespect Megan and imply that being Black or a person of color is synonymous.

“I’m Asian too,” the cashier responds. “I’m sorry. I don’t care. I really don’t care.”

“You’re Asian, you’re not Black,” Megan responds. “You sat over there, looked at me, and put your hand in my pockets. You don’t care, good.”

The fact that this woman had the audacity to say, “I’m Asian, too,” as if it justifies her blatant racism and decision to illegally search a Black woman is disgusting. It also shows that no matter how far society “thinks” we’ve come with racism, there is still a ways to go.

Keep in mind, many of these businesses wouldn’t be able to function without our hard-earned coins. According to a 2017 Nielsen report, Black women outspend other races at a rate of 86% in the ethnic care space, in particular $54 million of $63 million spent. In 2018, Nielsen shares that Black women spent $1.2 trillion each year with that figure expected to increase over time. But, a 2018 Gallup poll showed that 58 percent of Black participants shared that they have been treated unfairly in stores.

Knowing this information, why would any non-Black beauty business owner racially profile Black shoppers? The answer is simple. We continue to give our money to these people despite receiving ill-treatment. Without suffering any type of monetary consequence, they don’t see the need to change their behavior.

Ladies and gentlemen, we all have to collectively make the decision to stop the madness today. It’s true that we should be able to shop wherever we please without the fear of being profiled, but that’s not our reality. It’s time for us to take back our power and spend our money wisely. Shop Black!


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