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Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Becomes a Dark Souls Boss In Fanart

New fan art from a Twitter user named Holy Water Shots depicts Disney’s iconic Sleeping Beauty as an eerie Dark Souls boss character.

Fan art that recently went viral on Twitter depicts Disney princess Sleeping Beauty as a boss from Dark Souls. Of course, this isn’t the first time an artist has reimagined Disney characters as inhabitants of the worlds in FromSoftware’s Soulsborne franchise.

Earlier this year, for example, DeviantArt user 0-Emme-0 shared crossover art that placed the likes of Goofy, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck in Bloodborne‘s gothic Yharnam setting. All three characters were depicted as Hunters, with Donald Duck, specifically, wielding the Saw Cleaver trick weapon. Disney-related fan art in general never ceases to amaze, including those of the unconventional variety. About a year ago, digital artist Samuel Cheve morphed The Boys‘ Homelander and Frozen’s Hans into one, creating a disturbingly handsome “Hanslander” who looked as though he’d fit perfectly within the confines of a tale about Disney princesses. Now an actual Disney princess is receiving the crossover art treatment, venturing into a world completely disparate from that of her own.

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Disney’s Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, was reimagined by comic and digital artist Judas Salieri as a Dark Souls boss character. The fan art still shows the iconic princess donning her classic pink dress, though her hair twists around the bedpost she sits beneath. Sleeping Beauty’s features appear exaggerated as well, with thin and elongated fingers that span the length of a book cover’s width. Her makeup is darker in color, too, accentuating the lines of the princess’ otherwise pale visage. A second piece of art accompanies the Twitter post from Salieri, painting a much more sinister scene for the bed in which Sleeping Beauty usually lies. Check out post fan art pieces in the tweet linked below:

Salieri’s work is nothing short of stunning, presenting an imaginative take on Disney lore. And while she may not seem like much of a threat, this version of Sleeping Beauty could very well prove quite formidable as a Dark Souls boss.

The last Dark Souls entry, Dark Souls III, hit store shelves five years ago in Spring 2016. FromSoftware continues to build Soulslike experiences, though. In 2019, the storied studio partnered with Activision to release Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on consoles and PC. Come January 2022, FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment will finally let loose Elden Ring.

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Source: Judas Salieri/Twitter

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