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Hair care donations to benefit young girls

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – “Hair is our glory,” said Community School Wellness Coordinator, Makayla Fedd.

Thursday, she stopped by the A Plus Everything beauty supply store to check on donations for the Curls for Queens hair drive.

Fedd works at Sabal Palm Elementary School helping to address student needs with help from community partners. She said one day she noticed a student wearing a hoodie and she appeared to be avoiding class. Fedd asked the student what was wrong, and she replied her hair.

“She said, ‘I’m getting picked on in class because my hair is not done.’”

Fed shared that she offered to do something to the young girl’s hair as long as she promised to go to class. Before she knew it, other students started showing up to her office for the same reason.

“Originally it was that one student. By like two weeks, I had kids in my office almost every other day that really needed their hair done, or they just wanted to learn,” said Fedd.

Finding it difficult to manage the demand while at work, she said she spoke with her work partners with the Children’s Home Society of Florida to discuss another form of action. Fedd then learned that another teacher was also providing hair services to students in need.

“They have school drives, like back to school supply drives, said Fedd. We should have a hair drive, so that they’re able to have the option to have their hair done.”

Curls for queens called on community partners, volunteers, local salons and beauty supply stores to provide their services and donations to help with all things hair.

“Absolutely, yes, no problem. Bring it in. What more do you need,” said Alexis Johnson, the Owner of A Plus Everything Beauty Supply.

Johnson agreed to have a donation box inside her store which has already been filled with braiding hair and hair care products. She said she was excited and honored to have the Curls for Queens campaign include her in such an important initiative.

The drive will be held until September 10, and officials are asking for hair extensions, hair care products and other items that will be used on September 17 during a hair makeover for the girls.

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