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How social selling targets customers online and helps companies sell you products | Entertainment News

Effective sales tactics tend to shift and change over time. Think back to the era of door-to-door sales. At that point in time, smooth-talking salespeople would spend their days going from one house to the next to demonstrate what their products—whether vacuums, cleaning products, or housewares—could do for potential buyers. Later on, other wide-reaching sales tactics—like home shopping networks on cable TV—were introduced to businesses and customers, and door-to-door sales declined. By utilizing home shopping networks like QVC, brands could easily reach large audiences of potential buyers and still showcase the advantages of using their products.

That’s just one example of the shift in sales tactics that have occurred over the past few decades. How products are bought and sold is always evolving—and that continues to this day. Thanks to the internet and e-commerce channels, it’s now easier than ever to buy what’s needed. Sites like Amazon or eBay make it simple to find what you’re looking for without ever stepping foot outside the house. Consumers can now purchase products with one click and social media has made it easy to discover new products or find out what others think about a purchase.

Social media hasn’t just impacted what you buy or discover online, it has also impacted how you buy, too. Social selling has exploded in recent years—and it’s now one of the best and easiest ways for companies, businesses, and brands to sell products. How exactly are they targeting you? And how are companies so effective at using social selling to market products? Vocal Video compiled a list of 10 ways that social selling targets customers online and helps companies sell products. Here’s what you should know about this incredibly effective sales trend.