23/05/2024 1:29 PM


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Vanessa Bayer & Co-Stars Tease New Showtime Series (VIDEO)

Get ready to laugh because Vanessa Bayer, Molly Shannon, and Jenifer Lewis make one hilarious trio in Showtime‘s I Love That for You.

Set to arrive Friday, April 29 on streaming and on demand before its on-air debut on Sunday, May 1, I Love That for You tells a story inspired by Bayer’s own experience of overcoming childhood leukemia. The comedic actress plays Joanna Gold, a woman who dreams of becoming a host at a home shopping channel and we have an exclusive first look at the series with a behind-the-scenes featurette and key art.

I Love That for You Showtime, Vanessa Bayer, Molly Shannon, Jenifer Lewis

(Credit: Jill Greenberg/SHOWTIME)

As the series follows Joanna’s story of working to shed her life-long label as “that cancer girl,” she moves away from her parents, starts a romantic relationship, and forms a friendship with her idol Jackie (Shannon), the star of the network. The catch? It’s all set against the backdrop of a highly competitive workplace where people play dirty to succeed.

Lewis portrays Patricia, the founder, and CEO of the popular home shopping channel where Joanna and Jackie work. And according to the actresses, it’s one heck of a workplace. “The cast is hysterical, I’ve never worked with anyone funnier than these two ladies,” Lewis shares in the featurette, above, commending her costars Bayer and Shannon.

“It’s a great comedy that’s romantic,” Shannon shares, gushing about the story being shared. The feeling is mutual for Bayer who adds, “Our cast is so funny.” Along with Bayer, Shannon, and Lewis, I Love That for You costars Paul James, Ayden Mayeri, Matt Rogers, and Punam Patel.

Get a first look at them in the exclusive video and key art, above, and don’t miss I Love That for You, from creators Bayer and Jeremy Beiler when it premieres on Showtime this spring.

I Love That for You, Series Premiere, Sunday, May 1, 8:30 p.m. ET/PT, Showtime (Friday, April 29 on streaming and on demand)