Day: February 3, 2021

Off-White Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Imaginary TV launched with on-demand programs captured between cities in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. It ranged from documentaries to performances by 20 artists handpicked by Abloh, and fashion show footage shot in Milan. He dedicated it to the self-expression of the featured talent. “Embedded within that are elements of the Off-White collection, whether it’s a look or they’re wearing their own clothes with a pair of Off-White gloves,” he explained. “It’s not about the branding. It’s about the brand being embedded within people, who I believe in giving my megaphone so their work can be seen.”

Acknowledging that Off-White now belongs to both of the outsider-insider poles he defines as “tourist vs. purist”—in this case, fashion fans vs. the fashion establishment— Abloh wanted to cement the brand’s continued democratic disposition. “You make a fashion brand to get a tribe of people to wear it, but my conception of the

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No Normal Clothes: The Men’s Fall 2021 Collections Prize Ingenuity and Independence

Watch television, read the front pages of newspapers, or scan your social media feeds and you’ll find headlines and imagery dominated by men. New presidents, doctors, scientists, thought leaders…men, men, men. But, hey, I’m just here to talk about those men’s outfits—or rather the lack of them on the fall 2021 men’s runways

The clothing shown during the mostly digital fall 2021 season is not for front-page news guys, with the exception of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, who can probably relate to the themes of male aggression in Rick Owens’s collection. Among the other 200-plus collections we covered on Vogue Runway there was nary a presidential suit nor a news anchor blazer in sight. There was also a surprising lack of bro-clothes—“brothes?” When Virgil Abloh declared in late 2019 that “streetwear is dead” he was really onto something. 

This rejection of mainstream male dress is fueled by creativity. Never

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Gov. Abbott praises DeSoto beauty supply store owner for opening and helping other small businesses during pandemic

Lynn’s Beauty Depot opened during the pandemic. Gov. Abbott described the small Black-owned business as a lifeline to other entrepreneurs.

DESOTO, Texas — A new beauty supply shop in North Texas is getting recognized for its owner’s determination and decision to open during the pandemic. 

Lynn’s Beauty Depot opened at 1488 N. Hampton Road in Desoto in June 2020. It’s the first Black-owned, veteran-owned and woman-owned beauty supply store in the city. 

“We took a huge chance,” said owner Rodesia Scott.

Scott, a U.S. Navy veteran, said she took a risk opening a business during a time when coronavirus was forcing other shops to close. 

Governor Gregg Abbott and his team heard about the entrepreneur’s efforts.

“Rodesia opened a brick and mortar beauty supply store in the middle of a pandemic,” said Abbott. 

The governor highlighted Scott and other Texans during his State of the State address this week. 


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How to address three most common retirement concerns

Interestingly, a million dollars tends to be a default amount where people tell me they can rest easy if they can just hit that mark. Just? And then Suze Orman even recommends that people save at least $5 million before retiring! That’s an overwhelming number! While your journey is personal and your needs are unique, in my research for my book, “You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think,” I found that many happy retirees can actually enjoy a comfortable retirement with half that amount in savings. This $500,000 is a far cry lower than the $5 million that Suze recommends. Of course, having more money in savings provides an even greater cushion, but it’s not uncommon to see retirees land in the happy camp once they reach $500,000 or more.

When do I call it quits? You save for what feels like an eternity, then suddenly you’re staring

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