Day: February 10, 2021

Skinny jeans are canceled, Gen-Z says

Gen Z says skinny jeans are canceled. (Photo: Getty Images)
Gen Z says skinny jeans are canceled. (Photo: Getty Images)

Generation Z is embroiled in a fashion battle with millennials on TikTok after the younger generation called for skinny jeans to be canceled.

The negativity toward the trend of skintight denim isn’t new to the short form video app, as its young users have been encouraging people to get rid of their skinny jeans in favor of baggy jeans since the summer of 2020. More recently, however, older generations have been fighting back.

The hostility seemingly began when one user, who goes by momokhd, instructed viewers to throw out their skinny jeans, to burn them or to cut them up to create something entirely new. “Skinny jeans just aren’t for me but to each their own,” she captioned the video. And while not everybody followed suit, the conversation around skinny jeans being a thing of the past certainly caught

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