Day: February 4, 2021

G-Strings Are Back in Fashion, but Not As You Once Knew Them

G-strings… remember them? They were an essential part of the noughties wardrobe—a vital-yet-teeny-tiny pillar of the support system in which our low-slung (probably laced-up) jeans could thrive, our handkerchief tops could be cut high to reveal plenty of stomach and hip, and our tight-fitting double-mesh dresses from Morgan could be as slinky as possible. The all-important thong rose to fashion fame partly out of necessity but it was also a signifier of coolness—so much so that an exposed one (aka a whale tail, as it was coined back then) was something to be proud of. The look was so desirable that key lingerie brands such as Gossard even created versions with little diamanté trims for the very purpose of them being seen.

It was a raunchy time for celebrity style—Christina Aguileira’s chaps, Britney Spears’s crystal bodysuits and the many see-through dresses of British glamour girls—and the look did filter into

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