Day: February 21, 2021

Winter sports thrive in West Michigan as extreme weather continues

Muskegon State Park officials say they have seen record numbers of people participating in their activities this winter.

MUSKEGON, Michigan — On Saturday, Feb. 20, the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex sold out of their luging tickets. And this is not the first time this season.

They have a ticket cap of 300 on any given weekend day, and said they had close to 1,000-1,200 visitors showing up to their park this winter regularly.

Management said that they believe “due to the extremely cold winter weather conditions upkeeping their park and the constant need people are feeling to get out of the house,” this winter season has had one of the companies best turn outs.

The country has seen extreme winter weather this season and the complex credits those wind chills for keeping their ice rink frozen. Manager Bill Bailey told 13 ON YOUR SIDE that their trails now look better

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Motivated by community, these Black-owned business have grown in the pandemic

By relying on community support and faith and fighting for representation, three Black business owners showed how to survive against the odds.

While many businesses were forced to close their doors permanently due to COVID-19, these three owners actually opened their businesses amid the pandemic — and have seen the businesses grow.

“I was set to open in March to honor my mom’s birthday but ended up delaying the opening because of the pandemic,” said Rodesia Scott of Lynn’s Beauty Depot, a beauty supply store in Desoto, Texas.

Scott said she decided to hold her grand opening during the Juneteenth weekend, a holiday celebrating the end of slavery, because the event is widely celebrated across Texas.

In the heart of a historically black neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina, sits Leah and Louise, a juke joint. The Southern-inspired restaurant opened in March, just days before North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper announced

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With no crowds, Louvre gets rare chance to refurbish

PARIS (AP) — The 518-year-old Mona Lisa has seen many things in her life on a wall, but rarely this: Almost four months with no Louvre visitors.

As she stares out through bulletproof glass into the silent Salle des Etats, in what was once the world’s most-visited museum, her celebrated smile could almost denote relief. A bit further on, the white marble Venus de Milo is for once free of her girdle of picture-snapping visitors.

It’s uncertain when the Paris museum will reopen, after being closed on Oct. 30 in line with the French government’s virus containment measures. But those lucky enough to get in benefit from a rare private look at collections covering 9,000 years of human history — with plenty of space to breathe.

That’s normally sorely lacking in a museum that’s blighted by its own success: Before the pandemic, staff walked out complaining they couldn’t handle the

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