20/04/2024 11:37 PM


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Bread Beauty Supply Mud Mask Review

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a mess in your bathroom mixing bentonite clay with water, apple cider vinegar, and whatever other additives your little DIY heart desired to make a hair mask. This concoction started making the rounds on TikTok last year, but has been a staple in the textured hair care community for years. Applied as a pre-shampoo mask to blast through product build-up, it’s been a go-to recipe for those looking to define their natural curls. The latest innovation from Bread Beauty Supply is a mud mask that elevates this recipe and puts it in a tube that’s ready to use.


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The star of the Bread Beauty Supply Mud-Mask is a combination of kaolin, bentonite, and Rhassoul clay with quartz to gently detoxify the scalp and reset the hair strand. A 2019 review article found that some clays, including Rhassoul, behave like detergent when wet with water. They’re able to cleanse by absorbing and extracting oils and impurities. It also features broccoli extract that’s packed with free-radical fighting antioxidants and matcha tea leaf extract to stimulate the scalp follicles to help encourage growth.

Using this mask is honestly revolutionary. It’s a game-changer to experience the ease of just simply squeezing a tube and applying the product to my head. I’ve literally had to kick my roommate out of the shower because I accidentally mixed a DIY clay mask with so much apple cider vinegar that my scalp was burning. The DIY version of this mask grew in popularity among those with textured hair because people were getting results that they loved and weren’t getting from the products available on the market. However, we shouldn’t have to work to do our hair. We should be able to pick up products that work, and this mud-mask does a wonderful job.

This mask works best when applied to wet hair before shampooing. I wet my hair with a spray bottle and applied the mask to my hair in sections and left it on for 20 minutes. Unlike my DIY mix, the mask did not burn. It actually felt quite pleasant and invigorating. After shampooing and conditioning my hair, I blew it out and it silked out beautifully. The ultimate takeaway: The Bread Beauty Supply Mud-Mask is an example of the kind of innovation that’s shaking up the textured hair care industry. More of this, please.

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