Month: December 2020

New Documentary Colette Mon Amour Remembers Paris’s Coolest Store

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To watch Colette, Mon Amour, the new documentary about the beloved Paris boutique, at a time when “going inside a store” and “mingling with other people” both feel like alien activities hits, as they say, different. Watching, I was immediately transported to the last time I walked through the doors of the store on the Rue Saint-Honoré. It was during Paris Fashion Week, and I was there to see a fashion show being held upstairs, but first I had to ford my way through a first floor full of excited elbow-to-elbow shoppers excitedly brandishing their finds.

colette closing 2017
Andelman, Rousseaux, and the Colette crew at the store’s closing in 2017.

Karl Hab

A few months after I made that visit, in December 2017, Colette closed its doors after 20 years, and in the film celebrities and designers mourn

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Expert Tips & Tricks For Buying an Engagement Ring

Are you getting ready to propose to your partner? As you know, a marriage proposal is no everyday event. It is a unique moment between you and you’re beloved, and you want everything to go perfectly. You’ll want a setting that perfectly represents your love, and of course, the perfect engagement ring. Do you have no idea where to start? We know how overwhelming planning a proposal can be, so here are some tips to follow to help you buy the perfect engagement ring.

Engagement ring and a wedding ring

Let’s first outline the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Although both rings symbolize the eternal bond between 2 soulmates, there are a few differences between them regarding both the purchasing process and their outward appearances.

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Plus size sequin dress

Plus size sequin dresses With Christmas approaching thick and fast, plus size sequin pieces are filtering onto the main street thick and fast. Here are our current favourite new drops from plus size fashion retailers.

ASOS Curve, This NaaNaa plus size maxi dress, with thigh slash is deserve a red carpet. In gunmetal, this plus size silver dress may be a great New Years Eve option for those looking to finish 2017 with sass and elegance .

With a leotard underneath this isn’t for shy and retiring types and it’s great to ascertain once more that ASOS is flying the flag for fashion forward plus size women.

Similar styles are rocked by A-List celebrities the planet over, so albeit you haven’t got a show stopping party to attend, this sexy dress is one to feature to your closet.

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What Kathy Hilton Learned About Style From Paris and Nicky

Kathy remembers her daughters’ early love for fashion fondly. “I used to bring them to the fashion shows in Paris when they were, like, 13 and 15,” she says. “I think that’s where they really got a taste and started to see all these beautiful things. And then the designers started to send them things. We had a huge entryway filled with racks of clothes.” Paris, in particular, had an experimental flair. “Paris could go to Patricia Field, find a pair of pants or a skirt, and then she would pair it with one of my good jackets,” Kathy says. “She was quite the character in the day.” 

While they all have their own tastes, borrowing from each other’s closets is all but a family tradition. “They make themselves very at home in the closet,” says Kathy, adding that her handbags and jewelry are a particular hit with her daughters.

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Housewives Reveal Who They Think Is Worst Dressed In the Group

Recently, a few of the ladies gathered to discuss their opinions on the fashion and style of others. Some of the women had stronger opinions.

A few of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast gathered to discuss who they think is best and worst dressed in the group. Some of the women had stronger opinions than others. 

Earlier this year, Bravo announced another crew to join their Real Housewives collection. At first, fans of the dynasty were skeptical about Salt Lake City given that it’s not the most glitzy place in America. The cast consists of Heather Gay, Mary Cosby, Lisa Barlow, Whitney Rose, Jen Shah and Meredith Marks. All of the women have some sort of relationship with the Mormon faith which adds an interesting spin to the reality TV show. Recently, a few of the ladies gathered to discuss their opinions on the fashion and

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Google’s Yearly Data Proves People Are Dressing Weirder Than You Think

It’s fitting then that Google’s Year in Search data named {indie style” the fashion style term with the highest growth in 2020. It makes a sort of counterintuitive sense: The more we are told to look the same, covet the same items, and worship the same trends, the more unique we become. Other top 10 trending styles include “alt style,” “e-girl style,” and “y2k style,” each prioritizing kooky self expression over blending in. 

The rise of TikTok has certainly helped commodify and codify personal style as something tangible—and changeable—for its users. On the app, every subculture has its own hashtag, and each hashtag seems to come with a wellspring of content defined by a strong personal aesthetic. #WitchTokers can teach you how to perfect your cat-eye eyeliner while learning the significance of certain crystals. #DarkAcademia pairs tweedy blazers with button-downs and Harry Potter wireframe glasses. #EGirls and #EBoys accessorize their

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