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Housewives Reveal Who They Think Is Worst Dressed In the Group

Recently, a few of the ladies gathered to discuss their opinions on the fashion and style of others. Some of the women had stronger opinions.

A few of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast gathered to discuss who they think is best and worst dressed in the group. Some of the women had stronger opinions than others. 

Earlier this year, Bravo announced another crew to join their Real Housewives collection. At first, fans of the dynasty were skeptical about Salt Lake City given that it’s not the most glitzy place in America. The cast consists of Heather Gay, Mary Cosby, Lisa Barlow, Whitney Rose, Jen Shah and Meredith Marks. All of the women have some sort of relationship with the Mormon faith which adds an interesting spin to the reality TV show. Recently, a few of the ladies gathered to discuss their opinions on the fashion and style of others. 

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Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks joined Us Weekly Magazine to virtually discuss the latest Real Housewives hit. During the meeting, they played a game called Housewife Confessions. The three women shared their thoughts on fellow Salt Lake City Housewives, specifically who is the best and worst dressed. “Well best is easy. I would definitely say Mary [Cosby] is the most fashionable,Meredith started. Then she added that Whitney Rose is the worst dressed because she “cares the least” and is “just not that into fashion.” Lisa didn’t comment on who was the worst dressed cast member, but believes that she is the best dressed. “I like my style the most. I don’t ever want to change it, so I definitely like my style the most,” the self proclaimed “Sundance Queen” explained. “I don’t know if everyone would say I’m the best dressed, but I like the way I dress the most.” 

Lisa Barlow The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Similarly to Meredith, Heather agreed that Mary is one of the best dressed. She also condoned Lisa and Jen Shah’s style, then labelled herself as the one with the worst fashion sense. “I’m going to say I’m worst dressed and Jen and Mary are best dressed,” Heather stated. “Like, Lisa is so fashionable. She’s got [a] great eye, great style. Jen is over the top, so it’s just visual and same with Mary. Mary can pile on more Chanel in the city than you can even fathom.” 

According to Heather, Lisa and Meredith, the consensus appears to be that Mary is the best dressed. This makes sense because it has been reported that Mary is not one to under dress, ever. However, each of the housewives have their own unique style. We’re excited to learn more about the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City in the upcoming episodes.

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