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5 Scenes That Still Make Us Cry (& 5 That Make Us Laugh)

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is a classic. Featuring Maleficent as the main villain, she casts a curse upon Princess Aurora, forcing three fairies to take in the young princess and raise her elsewhere to protect her from the dreaded curse. The beloved story features love, villains, an epic battle, and a happy ending all in one.

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With a movie like that, there are bound to be several ups and downs, which makes the audience either laugh or cry. Aurora succumbing to her curse was certainly a sad moment, as well as the scene in which Maleficent cast her terrible curse. However, the movie makes up for those sad times with comedic moments, such as Flora and Merryweather’s fight over Aurora’s dress color.

10 Cry: When Maleficent Held Prince Phillip Captive

Phillip with his horse in the thorns in Sleeping Beauty

When Maleficent has a plan, she follows through. After ensuring the curse came true for Aurora, she captures Prince Phillip to ensure Aurora can never be woken up by his kiss. Maleficent, as per usual, is exercising utmost cruelty for the benefit of her own dastardly plans, not wanting Aurora to wake, and intending to hold Phillip for quite some time.

Luckily, the three fairies help him escape and defeat the Disney villain, ensuring Maleficent loses, as well as a happy ending for all.

9 Laugh: When Flora And Merryweather Resumed Their Feud Over Aurora’s Dress Color

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather watching Aurora and Phillip in Sleeping Beauty

While watching Prince Phillip and Aurora dancing happily together, Flora notices that Aurora’s dress is blue, and quickly changes it to pink. Merryweather retaliates by turning the dress blue once again, and so begins the feud that the fairies had teased earlier in the film, with the dress changing frequently until the end of the film.

It’s pretty funny that the two could never agree on a color, or even compromised and picked another color entirely.

8 Cry: When Aurora Was Taken From Her Parents

The three fairies talking in Sleeping Beauty

As the story goes, Aurora’s parents had waited quite some time before being blessed with a daughter. After all that waiting, they had to wait some more, as the fairies insisted they take Aurora for her own safety and raise her elsewhere until her sixteenth birthday arrived.

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Audiences definitely felt for Aurora’s poor parents, who had to watch their daughter go, and not see her again for years to come.

7 Laugh: When Merryweather Freaked Out About Living Like A Mortal

Merryweather, Flora and Fauna in Sleeping Beauty

Flora comes up with a plan that Maleficent will never expect: turning herself, Fauna and Merryweather into mortal peasant women and raising Aurora on their own in the forest. Initially, Merryweather is strictly against the idea, given they’ll have to give up their magic for the next sixteen years, and they’ve never done anything without magic before.

She’s not crazy about the chores they’ll have to take on, like cooking and cleaning, which is totally understandable, and pretty funny. Yet, Merryweather and her fellow fairies made it work and loved their time with Aurora.

6 Cry: When Aurora Found Out The Truth

While out in the forest picking berries on her sixteenth birthday, Aurora meets and falls in love with Phillip. She happily returns home to tell her three godmothers about her new love but is heartbroken to find out she’s really a princess, already betrothed to someone, and that she must return to the castle.

As the fairies don’t initially realize that Phillip is the one she met in the forest, Aurora believes she’ll never see her love again.

5 Laugh: The Kings And The Drunken Minstrel

King Hubert and King Stefan making a toast in Sleeping Beauty

These two kings together were a hoot; however, the drunken minstrel that serves them is the best part of the entire scene. While the kings are toasting to their future, as well as the future of their children, the minstrel keeps sneaking drinks. The minstrel hiccups and even sways on his feet when showing Stefan the plans for Aurora and Phillip’s future home.

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After the kings finish their brief argument, they discover the minstrel passed out under one of the tables, having been clueless to the man’s condition the entire time.

4 Cry: When Maleficent Casts Her Curse On Aurora

Maleficent casting a spell in Sleeping Beauty

A happy day is instantaneously ruined by the dreaded Maleficent. Aurora’s birth is celebrated by the whole kingdom; Maleficent was hurt at not being given an invitation, but her vile act of casting a curse on poor baby Aurora was uncalled for.

Just like that, the day becomes a sad one; while Merryweather thankfully lessens the blow of the curse, ensuring Aurora would fall into a deep sleep rather than die, the whole event was quite devastating, and the king and queen didn’t even get to raise their daughter because of Maleficent and her curse.

3 Laugh: When Aurora Dances With The Animals

Aurora dancing with the animals in Sleeping Beauty

As Aurora sings the classic Disney song “Once Upon A Dream,” the animals join in on the dancing, and soon swipe Prince Phillip’s clothes to look the part. It’s pretty cute, and amusing, watching her dance with the animals as they try mimicking her “dream prince.”

It’s also pretty funny when the animals take the prince’s things right out from under him. It was all meant to be; if they hadn’t, Aurora and Prince Phillip wouldn’t have met and fallen in love.

2 Cry: When The Curse Came True

Aurora in a trance in Sleeping Beauty

It seems like the moment of suspense takes forever as Aurora, in a trance, is lured by Maleficent to a cursed spinning wheel, on which Aurora pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep, the curse coming to fruition. The three frantic fairies had tried reaching Aurora, but were devastated to find that it was too late, as Maleficent showed them Aurora and laughed evilly.

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It’s the most devastating moment in the Disney film, as things look pretty hopeless, and the fairies subsequently cast a spell to get everyone in the kingdom to sleep until the spell on Aurora is broken.

1 Laugh: Merryweather’s and Flora’s Fight Over Aurora’s Dress Color

Merryweather and Flora fighting over the dress color in Sleeping Beauty

On Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, the fairies once again use their magic to clean up the house, bake a cake, and make Aurora a new dress. The funniest part of the film in its entirety is Flora’s and Merryweather’s battle of wills when it comes to the color of Aurora’s dress.

The two engage in a war of magic, frequently changing the dress’s color, until finally, it resembles something along the lines of tie-dye. Plus, they’ve managed to change the colors of each other’s outfits, which was pretty hilarious.

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