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Alicia Silverstone took this styling tip from her Clueless alter ego Cher

Alicia Silverstone was inspired by her ‘Clueless’ character Cher Horowitz to take Polaroid pictures of her outfits.

Alicia Silverstone standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: Clueless

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The 44-year-old actress starred as the fashion-obsessed teen in the 1995 movie, who had a computer system that chose her ensembles for her.

And the ‘Lodge’ star has revealed the one styling tip she took from her alter ego is taking snaps of her wearing an outfit to help her decide whether it goes.

Alicia told Us Weekly’s Stylish: “She [Cher] inspired me, let’s just say.

“I think that in the movie, when she’s taking Polaroid pictures of her outfits to see how they look — we do that.

“I think it’s a really good way for us all to remember a really good outfit once you figure it out.

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“If you’re too busy like me and fashion is not your thing — I like it a lot, but I spend my time doing other things — then it’s a way to get that vibe happening.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Book Club’ star previously confessed she had no “understanding” of fashion or style before she landed the role.

She said: “Before ‘Clueless’, I didn’t have any interest or understanding about fashion. The clothes are the star of the film – or at least the costar!”

Alicia developed her love of fashion thanks to the movie, and can now appreciate the iconic looks worn by her character, including the famous yellow plaid suit, which consisted of a plaid Dolce & Gabbana skirt with a matching jacket, Mary Jane shoes, white knee-high socks, a white tee, and yellow cardigan.

Speaking about the iconic outfit, she said: “In the early ’90s, fashion was heavily influenced by Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. It’s a nod to a school girl uniform, but in an elevated, chic, very high-fashion way. And it’s so absurd. Immediately you’re transformed and you know the world that you’re in, because that’s not how kids dress to go to school.”

However, the actress says the outfit almost didn’t make the cut.

She added: “There were three options for this opening scene: a blue version, a red version, and a yellow version. Amy [Heckerling, the movie’s director] and Mona [May, the costume designer] chose the yellow one because they felt it was the most appropriate for the scene.”

The ensemble has become so iconic that Alicia gets pictures sent to her “every single Halloween” of people dressed as Cher in their own yellow garb, but the original has apparently been lost forever.

Alicia said: “No one knows where that yellow plaid outfit is.”