Different Types of Gold For Jewellery

Shirley P. Olin
Different Types of Latest Gold Jewellery Trends (2021)

There are many metals in the world of jewellery. Platinum, Silver and gold are some of the more common materials that you will find. Here, we are going to talk about the different types of gold that you will come across when purchasing jewellery. 

Solid Gold

Solid gold is often soft, that is why it is rare that it is not used in jewellery. Usually, gold is mixed with other metals to make it much stronger for jewellery pieces. Carat is the measurement for metals so if you see a jewellery piece that is 24 carat, that will have the most amount of Gold inside, compared to an item that is only 9 carat. There are different coloured golds that you can get which are going to be discussed below. Gold is your most common type when it comes to vintage jewellery and other pieces of antique jewellery. 

Rose Gold

Rose gold is mixed with copper and a little bit of silver which gives it the colour. You will notice that if the metal is red, then you know that it will contain more copper than usual. Again, with rose gold, the higher the carat, the more gold it contains. 

White Gold

White gold is another metal that is popular with jewellery, arguably the prettiest out there as well. White is made up of a couple of metals such as zinc and nickel. This is what gives it that whiter colour that you will see. White gold is not white, it looks more like a well-polished silver. White gold can often lose its colour over time so, it is important to get the jewellery piece replated at some point down the line. 

Other Types of Gold

There are many other types of gold that you can buy for. Gold vermeil jewellery, gold filled jewellery and gold plated. There are many to choose from, and they all come at various prices. Vermeil jewellery is combined with pure or sterling silver that is then plated with gold. The minimum carat of gold is 10 for it to be considered gold vermeil.

If you are looking for less expensive jewellery then look for gold filled jewellery. It is where a gold layer is applied over a piece of metal. It is then bonded by rolling it under high pressure. This will often be used on jewellery which is produced on a mass scale. These will be items such as chains. Last but least, gold plated jewellery. This contains the least amount of gold and it will gradually fade over time. If you ever see jewellery that is gold at a cheap price, you can almost guarantee that it is gold plated.


There are many different types of metals out there that can be used for jewellery. Gold is often found in vintage engagement rings and other pieces of jewellery simply for the reason that it goes well with a lot of colours. 

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