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Dr.FORHAIR Partners with Costco Online to Launch Its No.1 Bestselling Folligen Original Shampoo in the U.S. | State

LOS ANGELES, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dr.FORHAIR, a leading provider of scalp and hair care solutions, today announced the success of the recent release its signature product Folligen Original Shampoo in the U.S. for the first time through an official partnership with Costco Online.

Folligen Original Shampoo, Dr.FORHAIR’s best-selling product, is a functional shampoo that helps mitigate hair loss symptoms. Created by a global scalp care brand, Folligen Original Shampoo has produced total worldwide sales of 18 million units (based on accumulated sales from October 2014 to April 2021), leading the Korean hair loss shampoo industry. 

Dr.FORHAIR’s Folligen Original Shampoo has been the recipient of several awards. These include first place in the Allure K-Beauty Hair Loss Shampoo category and first place in customer satisfaction score (SCAT). The product was honored with a first-place award for shampoo by Olive Young, the single largest health and beauty retailer in Korea. 

Dr.FORHAIR first launched in the U.S. through Asian and Korean markets. In recent years, Dr.FORHAIR products went viral among Asian communities, establishing it as a representative global anti-hair loss scalp and hair care shampoo. The brand is known for its status as the top shampoo on Korean home shopping networks. Actor Hyun Bin, the model for Dr.FORHAIR, heightened positive reception in the Asian community, attracting the attention of Costco Online and an offer to launch the renowned Folligen Original Shampoo at a special discounted price.

“We’re excited to announce the success of our official partnership with Costco USA to launch the Dr.FORHAIR brand in the U.S.,” said David Kwon, CEO, Dr.FORHAIR. “This launch started with our bestselling Folligen Shampoo, which has helped millions of people over the last 8 years with their hair loss symptoms and as a general scalp care product in Korea.”

Dr.FORHAIR’s Folligen Original Shampoo is available from Costco Online in a special edition size only available through the retailer. With this, Costco members and non-members gained access to the product, which initially sold out soon after launch due to high demand. Dr.FORHAIR will not only restock the Folligen Original Shampoo but also plans to expand availability to retail stores in the near future.

All Dr.FORHAIR products are carefully developed with thorough clinical research and testing in its Scalp Labs based in New York and Seoul. In addition to Folligen Original Shampoo, Dr.FORHAIR offers a wide variety of scalp care products such as Folligen Sea Salt Scaler, Phyto Therapy Shampoo/Treatment, Sebum Control Shampoo for oily scalp and Scalp Refreshing Spray for sensitive scalp. Dr.FORHAIR plans to launch additional products in late 2021 to expand rapidly and meet demand in international markets. 

Dr.FORHAIR is a global scalp care brand by Wyatt Corp with Scalp Labs based in New York and Seoul. Using comprehensive clinical research and industry expertise, the brand provides variety of scalp care products that help millions of customers worldwide.