18/07/2024 5:39 PM


Fashion The Revolution

Fashion show raises money for college students

Community leaders in Fountain took the stage Saturday for a fun fashion show to raise money for college students.

Fountain Valley Scholars award 20 scholarships a year for students in the Widefield and Fountain-Fort Carson School Districts. To apply, the students have to write an essay that explains how the community helped them overcome a struggle in their lives.

The runway models for this fundraiser were different high school principals, superintendents, and library leaders. The styles shown off were business, streetwear, zoom attire, and met gala. Each outfit cost less than fifty dollars at a local thrift store. All of the funding gathered today will go towards next year’s scholarship.

“I know scholarships can be very competitive, and we wanted to give our students something that they could compete for. The best thing about our scholarship is it goes directly to the student so they can use it for technology, for gas, for food, for room, board, books, whatever it is that they need on their journey to higher education,” said Samantha Briggs, the Communications Director of Widefield School District 3.

Fountain Valley Scholars also takes donations year-round online.