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Gear Guide: Latest Tech, Hemp & Clothing For Winter/Spring Indoor & Outdoor Fun

Pax Era, Y-Brush, Tau, and AirGo™2 smartglasses

Pax Era, Y-Brush, Tau, and AirGo™2 smartglasses

As the world starts to open up post-Covid, here’s some offerings from the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show and the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, along with select other vendors that can help one enjoy late winter and early spring outdoor activities.

Personal Tech

Solos‘s smartglasses was named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards honoree for their AirGo™2 smartglasses and the SmartHinge™ Technology behind their AirGo™ modular smartglasses. These glasses allow wearers to personalize their audio experience thanks to theirWhisper™ Audio Technology that allows for crystal-clear calls and 360 surround-sound audio. A single charge will last for up to 11 hours of music and 8 hours of calls. In addition, users can download the Solos AirGo™ app to track and monitor their fitness in real-time. Also, users can mix and match frames and change the lenses from clear to sunglasses. Also, adjustable ear tips, temples, and nose pads can enable users to design a pair of smart glasses that can fit them to perfectly.

From Rolling Square comes Tau, a rechargeable minimalist portable charger that fits on a keychain and can charge every device (Apple, MicroUSB, USB-C). Also, check out their durable InCharge cables with six different charging configurations designed to charge one’s electronics on the go.

Y-Brush is a rechargeable toothbrush designed to clean teeth in 10 seconds. Its portability allows it to be easily packed for travel. The nylon brush is designed to last for six months and can be easily replaced.