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How To Host A Stress-free Holiday Party In 7 Practical Steps


aking memories, relaxing, having fun, and sharing the season’s love is the holiday theme we all hope to embrace. This holiday season, if hosting a party is on your to-do list then picking some tips on how to curate a stress-free one should be your starting point. This approach would not only maximize the positives and keep stress at bay but would also make your event the talk of the town until next December. Don’t you just like the sound of that?

The tempting urge to DIY everything without the help of others could run high, but if you want to enjoy the event and prevent burnout, choose a different route like saying yes to the help of others. If you plan to host a party this holiday and have decided to do it with as little stress as possible, we’ve got you covered.

Check out 7 tips for hosting a stress-free holiday party that remain unmatched…

#1. Plan everything

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Everything is easier when you plan ahead of time, and this is especially true for hosting a stress-free holiday party. This would give you enough time to select tastier and healthier meals, provide more options, and save you all the stress that comes from fire brigade hosting.

After developing a plan, consider delegating tasks. It would bring a sense of direction and take some burden off your shoulders. Planning beforehand would also help you decide on the meals to pre-cook, the playlist, your outfit choice, items to stock up on, etc.  Following this route also ensures that you don’t run out of supplies.

#2. Simplicity stays winning

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A minimal approach to decor would be time-saving, and one less thing to be overwhelmed about. Keep the decor simple and classic, and clear up the hallways to accommodate your guest’s winter-ready coats. In addition, the table setting mustn’t be flamboyant, all that’s required is a relaxed, festive, and neat setting.

#3. A potluck works

Photo: Pham Ngoc Anh/Pexels

Save yourself the trouble of cooking many meals by suggesting a potluck with your loved ones. They’ll feel involved in the process and may even appreciate a chance to show off their cooking skills. You could create a meal list for everyone. It will help keep track of the food and eliminate the possibility of a particular essential lacking on that fateful day, or that something is brought more than once. This way, hosting a stress-free holiday party seems more feasible.

#4. Start a tradition

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As humans, we love a bit of tradition. It could be a special meal, a drink, or a game. This annual tradition could become the highlight of your event. Once the event shifts from being your event to a collective affair, your rest is assured. It could be a dress code-themed party or a signature song—options are endless. Everyone would feel like part of something worthwhile and fun.

#5. Give back

Photo: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

It’s the time of the year when we show our gratitude for the year well spent by giving back to others. Consider a gift-sharing event where guests pick random names and exchange gifts. Sign up for a course and involve your guests, or perhaps do a community project together or something thoughtful for a less-privileged family. After hosting a stress-free holiday, another thing that brings satisfaction is knowing you positively affected the lives of others.

#6. Ask for help

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While you’re the host, never be shy to ask for help from others. You could plan to cook the day before with family or outsource responsibilities. Most people are willing to help, recruit the manpower, and save themselves from needless stress. When you’re asked if you need any help, have your resounding “yes” and list it on speed dial.

#7. Have fun

Photo: Kampus Production/Pexels

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of things, a happy and warm host makes all the difference. Even if you had the best dishes and drinks but ended up grumpy and with a quick temper, the purpose of hosting a stress-free holiday party has been defeated. Happiness is contagious. This is why you should plan the event in a way that also pleases you.

Bonus tip: Take out

The biggest question for me before deciding to host a party is, “who will clean up after?” This gives me the creeps, and I’m sure this is a relatable phobia. To avoid this, pack the meals in take-outs and serve drinks in fancy disposable cups. This will cut back on post-party cleanup time and is less messy.

Also, tidying up immediately after the last guest bids goodbye is one of the best decisions you’ll make. The next morning, when you wake up, all you’ll have to deal with would be the fun memories of the previous day, rather than fussing about cleaning up your space.

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