19/05/2024 4:36 AM


Fashion The Revolution


June “Finish it!” Design Challenge: Winners


Well, here we are at the end of another “Finish It!” Design Challenge, and the journey was well worth the wait (though I hope we don’t have to wait so long for the next one). The entries were absolutely fantastic, and each of them deserves attention and praise, for their ingenuity and originality. I do tend to prefer these wire-only challenges, as they (hopefully) inspire others to design for designing sake, and not for an embellishment to a stone or focal. And you all always instill in me a true sense of appreciation for the beauty and versatility of wire.

Now on to the winners! But first, I’ll say a big thank you to everyone for participating. You fill me with a sense of creativity and reignite my passion for design, each and every time I see one of these pieces, and I hope you participants all had fun giving it a go. 

​Hannah Gilman

Hannah knocked it out of the park with her project, resoundingly voted as your Group Favorite. I love that she took the steps and built upon it an entire vase of natural elements, with leaves and petals and flowers peeking through. I think I see something new every single time I’ve viewed this image and admired the creativity, and definitely plan to revisit it often for inspiration. Hannah has a true understanding of flow and attention to detail. Well done! 

Caroline Louise

Now the pre-selected panel of judges also appreciated Hannah’s beautiful workmanship, but we unanimously adored Caroline’s 3-D creation. I almost found it impossible to believe it started from the same set of instructions I provided, and spent a (seriously ridiculous) amount of time dissecting this work. Still, I’m dumbstruck by the structural beauty of this work. This piece is a well-deserved win! 

Both winners deserve a round of applause for their work, as does everyone who participated in the challenge. I’m always so humbled by the entries received, the participant’s excitement and encouraging words to one another. You all represent a true sense of community, and I’m just happy to be a part of it. 

These winners have received their $25 cash prizes and have been emailed regarding the other winnings. I hope you’ll head on over to the Pinterest gallery, if you haven’t already, and show your appreciation for these two amazing designers, as well as all those who took the time to enter with their original creations. 

Thank you and happy weaving,