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Patient Shares Her Experience with Juvederm

The treatment is known to improve facial structure and lift the jawline and chin, perfect for those who are looking to emphasize their lower face

They say the first thing you see in a person is their appearance and how they present themselves. This is why your looks are not simply just traits, but are now considered as part of your actual tools-of-trade. There are several ways to uplift your existing beauty, from basic facial treatments to uplifting fillers that aim to emphasize a certain part of your face. The beauty industry has become revolutionized due to the advancement of technology, especially when face fillers, which were made from bovine collagen, were first approved by the FDA in 1981. This 2022, Juvéderm® Volux developed for the jawline and chin is becoming the newest trend when it comes to fillers. 

In order to learn more about the experience, I talked with Atty. Hazel Helmuth, the 36 year-old lawyer, about her procedure with Juvéderm® Volux. 

The patient 

As someone who is an executive on-the-go and starting to consider treatment at her age, Atty. Hazel breezes through life with an extremely busy schedule. “My day starts at five in the morning. While everyone is sleeping, I have to study, I have to read, and I have to be ready at 8:30 because you don’t want to let down your clients and company,” the lawyer shared. “I also have to review numerous documents throughout the day, attend hearings, monitor staff, so it’s a particularly busy lifestyle.” 

Atty. Hazel Helmuth is always on-the-go with her busy schedule, which is why she needs a treatment that can both save time and can garner immediate effects.

Despite her tight schedule, Atty. Hazel was interested in undergoing a procedure that can help address her skin concerns. “I gave birth in 2017 and I’ve been gaining weight since then. It actually really affected not just my body, but also my face. One problem was that my cheeks and my face weren’t the same as before,” She told me. “Plus, the stress of my profession [added to that].”

With the many things going on with Atty. Hazel’s life, it truly helped her that Juvéderm® Volux was meant to be a “lunchtime procedure”, known for its quickness and the convenience of being able to work right after the treatment. According to Atty. Hazel, she definitely loved being able to go back to work right away without feeling the pain from her treatment just the day before, as she discussed her experience with the product and her feelings during the procedure. 

The treatment

Before Atty. Hazel was recommended to the clinic, she told me that she was already actively researching the brand and the product. “I also heard about it from celebrities and from friends who were talking about it. Moms like me who were also having chin problems,” the attorney shared. “It’s not really my face that was the problem, but the target location is actually the chin area.” 

After the procedure, visible signs of an uplifted jaw and chin can be noticed immediately without the side-effects of the treatment being too obvious to the naked eye.

Before the treatment, Atty. Hazel openly expressed being happy with the preparation. Everyone had been kind enough to explain to her what was going to happen, which definitely increased her trust as a patient. “I’ve been going to the derma even way back, but this is going to be the first time I’ll be doing such a procedure,” she remarked. She was pleased to receive exceptional customer service for her first time at the dermatology clinic of Dr. Allen Aguinaldo-Cabrera. Atty. Hazel even discussed what happened with the actual procedure. “I didn’t really feel a thing. There’s pressure going on, but I didn’t feel any pain. I remember them putting topical anesthesia on my face.” 

Atty. Hazel even jokingly said that giving birth or having a tooth extracted was more painful than the procedure. “I just had to walk out of the place, chilling,” the lawyer laughed. “You just go out and then you’re done. I only had to drink painkillers once, on that exact same day because I was anticipating the pain. Afterwards, I didn’t drink it again. Life went by as usual.” 

The effects

After the procedure, Atty. Hazel was pleasantly stunned with the results of Juvéderm® Volux. “I certainly felt more confident! I was taking so many selfies, I think my phone blew up,” the attorney laughingly said. “I was so amazed with how fast the results were. My face really changed, not drastically, but there was noticeable improvement. There was lifting, tightening, and I didn’t expect that because I was hoping they would just address my chin. The double chin was addressed.” 

With a happy tone, Atty. Hazel was absolutely satisfied with her results, even telling us that it was not just her chin, but her entire face that was improved. “What I liked best was that my nose got emphasized. I have a very matangos nose, but it wasn’t highlighted before when I had a double chin. But when Juvéderm® Volux addressed my double chin, my eyes and nose were highlighted,” she shared. “With this treatment, your mood becomes better. You know, you’re happier seeing yourself and thinking ‘Gosh, I feel so pretty’. You feel prettier now than before. It affects your general mood and perspective on things. You feel like you can take on anything that comes your way.” 

Juvéderm® Volux as a must-do for all beauty enthusiasts

Juvéderm® Volux is the new revolutionary beauty trend that aims to preserve natural beauty while highlighting the best parts of your face.

Overall, Atty. Hazel was completely satisfied with the entire experience. She told me that she can definitely recommend Juvéderm® Volux in maintaining the appearance. “It’s super useful, especially for those who have very busy lifestyles. It’s fast and the effects are instantly apparent. You don’t undergo surgery, so it’s safe,” Atty. Hazel recommends trying it out for everyone who is looking for a legitimate and completely natural method of rejuvenation. “The treatment is natural. Even the effects were so natural; nobody ever commented or asked what I did to my face. I just got compliments about looking great and whether I changed my hair,” she even jokingly added. 

Atty. Hazel advises that life is short, so it’s okay to spend time and invest on how you look, as she believes that her experience not only can improve how you look, but also how you feel confidently beautiful with yourself. 

Learn more about the Juvéderm®Volux procedure by visiting their website.


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