18/07/2024 6:23 PM


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Phone Cases: 5 Designer Items for Fashion Lovers

These days, smartphones are our most important accessory. Whether you agree or not, nearly everyone have smartphone nowadays. We love to buy new models of smartphones every year and this thing shows the craze. Fashion girls always focus on small details of their style and they love to match their phone cases with their outfits. They have ability to complete any outfit and literally go with every style. Fortunately, we came across with some of the best designer items that are least expensive. These designer phone cases are from your favorite luxury brands. These logo-emblazoned cases are really awesome and keep you connected with your phone all the time. Like wristlet or fanny packs, they attach with your jeans or chains. Browse couponegypt.com and explore Noon coupon right away for getting price cut on the entire collection of appliances, electronics, fashion, and beauty products. To help you pick the right phone case, we are going to review some branded phone cases that are today’s must-have.

Prada Re-Nylon Smartphone Case:

This cute and nifty phone case is really amazing due to the front logo and neck strap. This small case is really versatile because it holds your phone along with other accessories. It has zipper pockets which ensure 100 percent safety of your phone. On the other hand, its neck strap is adjustable so you can adjust the right fit. It can be worn over your shoulder or around your neck.

Loewe Elephant IPhone 12 Pro Cover:

For animal lovers, this cover is really funky due to its elephant shape design on the back and it is only compatible with IPhone 12 Pro. It is made from leather, so there is no doubt about its quality and sturdiness. This attractive IPhone cover is really amazing and suitable or girls who don’t want to compromise on their look or style at any cost.

Balenciaga Bunny Phone Case:

Just like your fuzzy fall clothes, this fluffy bunny cover is really cute. With a round holding design and large bunny ears, this pinkish phone case is made for only girls. It is not so expensive so you can buy a pair for gifting your best friend. Avail concession on its purchasing with the exploitation of Noon coupon after collecting from couponegypt.com. This offer is only valid for Egyptians.

Saint Laurent IPhone 11 Pro Case:

Let’s be honest, we all love animal printed accessories and this one won’t fail to impress you. It comes with a detachable chain that you can wear around your neck for keeping your phone with you all the time. It looks like an accessory on your neck and you feel elevated. This phone case is only suitable with IPhone 11 Pro.

Gucci GG IPhone 12 Pro Case:

Now, this is called the designer or luxury phone cover with company’s emblem and classy design. Only IPhone 12 Pro users can purchase this phone case because it is crafted for this model. Visit couponegypt.com for grabbing Noon coupon so that people of Egypt can complete their shopping in limited cost.