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Fashion The Revolution

Runway of Dreams celebrates people with disabilities, hopes to break down stereotypes and shine light on adaptive fashion

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A fashion show is helping reframe the image of who can be a runway model. It celebrates people with disabilities and it’s hoping to break down stereotypes, one catwalk at a time.

The event was hosted in Los Angeles by the Runway of Dreams Foundation, an organization that believes clothing is a basic human need, and people living with disabilities should have access to fashion that excites and empowers them.

Runway of Dreams Founder and CEO Mindy Scheier said her son lives with Muscular Dystrophy and dreamed of wearing jeans like everyone else. His story became her inspiration.

“One thing that we really do pay a lot of attention to at Runway of Dreams is the next generation of designers and upcoming entrepreneurs to understand this population, and really inspire them to make people with disabilities a part of our mainstream world,” said Scheier.

Seventy models walked the runway, including 10-year-old Cade Robertson of Palos Verdes.

“It’s really impactful as a mom to see him get a pat on the back and just a hug from somebody who understands him, and what he’s going through and what he’s achieving every day,” said Samantha Robertson, Cade’s mother.

Target, JCPenney, and Kohl’s were a few of the sponsors.

Runway of Dreams hopes that one day the adaptive category will be as commonplace as petite and plus size models, and people living with disabilities can easily buy clothing suited to their unique needs.

“Adaptive fashion is possible. It can be affordable. It can be adaptable and it can be inclusive. Disabled people deserve … we have the right to feel cute, hot, sexy, all of these things,” said Jocelyn, a Runway of Dreams model.

“I just remember looking around and feeling truly so proud of our community. The disabled community is powerful and it is time we are seen,” said Tamara Mena, Runway of Dreams model.

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