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Small business owner dealing with impacts of inflation

The owner of Desire N Touch Beauty Supply says she’s had to increase some of her prices due to inflation, which has caused her to lose customers.

DES MOINES, Iowa — As the prices of goods rises, the owner of a Des Moines salon and beauty supply store says she’s had to adjust her own prices to stay afloat.

Gloria Sonkarlay, the owner of Desire N Touch Beauty Supply, said she started noticing climbing wholesale prices a few months ago. 

“Now prices have gone all the way up,” Sonkarlay said.

After seeing those jumps, she decided it was time to make a change.

“So if I’m buying a product for $100… I will sell it at like $103 that way I’m getting some type of interest on it, because there [are] taxes as well that you have to pay on that product,” Sonkarlay said”

Sonkarlay isn’t the only business owner facing this challenge.

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According to the National Federation of Independent Business, a net 53% of small businesses reported raising the average selling price last month. 

Sonkarlay said she had to increase the prices of bundles of human hair the most. Some increased from $50 to $60, while one went from $60 to $75.

The increase resulted in comments from her customers asking why was it necessary. Some even said they would no longer shop at her store.

Sonkarlay guessed she’s lost 25 to 30 customers due to price increases, but she still believes those increases are necessary to pay the bills.

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