19/05/2024 4:34 AM


Fashion The Revolution

St. Vincent’s raises money to help single mothers with housing

MONTECITO, Calif. – St. Vincent’s Annual Fashion Show & Luncheon has humble beginnings.

“We started at our community center at St. Vincent’s, then we moved to Bishop Diego high school and now we are here today, 250 people supporting us,” St. Vincent’s President Rosa Paredes said. “And next year we are back here the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we are hoping to have 300 people.”

Paredes called it a great day.

“All of this is for the moms and the children for the family strengthening program, children services and our preschool,” Paredes said.

Regina Ruiz, Ph.D., was the master of ceremonies at the luncheon. She said they raised more than $53,000.

That’s more than any of their other fundraisers.

Co-chairs Claudia Lash and Pat Lupo deserve some of the credit.

Lupo said they work all year making gift baskets for the silent auction. Some of the baskets sold for ten times the opening bid.

Bishop Diego students volunteered during the event.

Guests also heard a mother named Rosalinda tell her story of resilience. The fashion show included some of her children and other kids wearing clothing they picked out at Lemon Drop in Montecito.

Women in the show modeled Cabi outfits that fit the holiday season.

For more information about St. Vincent’s services, click here.