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The 10 Most Romantic Gestures In Disney Princess Movies

Whether it’s Aladdin doing everything in his power to win over the love of Princess Jasmine or Prince Charming searching for Cinderella, romance is a crucial part of Disney princess movies, and there were many times we all wanted to be a Disney princess. These stories are iconic for the animation giant, and while there’s often comedy and adventure involved, it is love that typically rules the day.

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There are some huge romantic gestures that take place in these movies as well, with moments that leave audiences amazed as the characters go over the top to win over the person that they love.

10 Prince Eric Dives Into The Sea To Save Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Prince Eric is someone who has a strong connection to Ariel from the moment they meet, and even though she doesn’t have a voice to communicate with him, he still understands her feelings. However, when Ursula reaches the height of her powers, it seems like they’re destined to not be together.

That is until he dives into the sea to save her at the last moment. Despite the fact that there is a terrible storm and Ursula has grown to a huge size, Eric still risks his life in order to save the woman he loves.

9 Kristoff Proposes (Frozen 2)

Kristoff proposes to Anna in Frozen 2

Kristoff and Anna have a fantastic relationship that is built upon trust and having fun together, and that’s what makes them such an excellent couple in the eyes of the fans. At the end of Frozen 2, Kristoff has his big moment where he steps up and shows his romance in the truest form.

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He makes the decision to get down on one knee and propose to her, which brings a sweet scene to the movie. It’s something that Kristoff plans and prepares for throughout the entire movie. Fans agree that it would be great to see Kristoff get his own spinoff movie, and seeing this moment take place is a great romantic moment.

8 Ray Sings To Evangaline (Princess And The Frog)

This romantic moment doesn’t even feature the actual Disney prince or princess but instead allows one of Tiana’s best sidekicks to take the center stage. Ray is a true romantic, but sadly he has already lost his love. But while Evangeline might be physically gone, Ray keeps her in his heart and clearly still has a connection, singing to a star he claims to be her.

It’s a truly romantic moment proving that love never truly dies, and a great lesson for Tiana and Naveen in their blossoming relationship. The fact that Ray then ends up next to that star later in the movie is a fitting ending for him and only makes this romantic gesture even better.

7 Prince Philip Fighting The Dragon To Save Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Prince Philip fights Maleficent

Prince Philip takes the knight in shining armor stereotype to a whole new level in Sleeping Beauty when he literally fights a dragon in order to save Aurora. With Maleficent using the full range of her powers, she transforms into a dragon, but that doesn’t stop Philip from fighting her.

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He proves just how much he loves Aurora and does everything in his power to save her. With the help of the three good fairies, some of Sleeping Beauty‘s best characters, Philip is able to destroy Maleficent and then go on to wake her, allowing them to be together after a huge act of love.

6 Princess Aurora & Prince Philip Dance In The Forest (Sleeping Beauty)

The dance scene from Sleeping Beauty

Another romantic moment that takes place in Sleeping Beauty comes when Princess Aurora and Prince Philip dance together in the forest. He sings to her in a true moment of romance, as they waltz around together and begin to truly bond.

Dancing is something that isn’t shown a lot nowadays in romantic situations, but that’s what makes this scene so pure. They’re just having fun together, like any two people in love should do, plus this scene features one of the best Disney Princess songs of all time, making it a fan favorite.

5 The Beast Sets Belle Free Out Of Love (Beauty And The Beast)

The Beast is willing to let Belle leave

The Beast in Beauty and the Beast finds himself in a tricky situation when he meets Belle, as he knows that his time is almost up to be able to return to being human again. This isn’t just for him, but for everyone else who lives in his castle as well, which is why when he agrees to let Belle go it is the truest form of love.

When he agrees to let Belle leave the castle in a bid to see her father, the Beast is aware there’s a good chance that she will never return. While that doesn’t end up being the case, as she genuinely falls for him as well, the fact he is willing to allow her to leave proves how much he really loves her, as he’s willing to stay in his cursed form in order to make her happy.

4 Eugene Shows Rapunzel The Lanterns (Tangled)

Flynn and Rapunzel on the boat with floating lanterns behind them in Tangled

Eugene isn’t always very romantic in Tangled and he can be quite an arrogant character until he removes his facade and shows who he truly is. His biggest romantic gesture comes when he makes the decision to show Rapunzel the lights in the best way possible.

She only wants to see the lanterns floating, and doesn’t have any demands as to how she does that. However, Eugene goes out of his way to make the moment as romantic as possible by heading out onto a boat to have a magical time together, in a scene that also features Tangled‘s best song.

3 Showing Belle The Library (Beauty And The Beast)

The library in Beauty and the Beast

There are many romantic moments in Beauty And The Beast, as the rugged Prince begins to show his softer side. But few are as effective and touching as when he takes the time to showcase his impressive library to Belle, which she is amazed by.

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She pays him back with a romantic gesture of her own by teaching him to read, but the initial moment is the sweetest. It proves that the Beast has been paying attention to things and listening to what she actually likes, which is why the moment works so well.

2 Prince Charming Searches For Cinderella (Cinderella)

Prince Charming has the financial resources and the power to do this without a problem, but the fact that he spends so much time searching for Cinderella after she leaves the ball is a real romantic gesture. He knows there’s a great connection between them from their night together, and he isn’t willing to give up on her.

With just a glass slipper to go by, he puts out a major mission for his staff as they ride around to every single house in the area to get to the bottom of who the slipper belongs to, proving how much he believes in their possible love.

1 A Magic Carpet Ride (Aladdin)

When it comes to romantic gestures in Disney princess movies, it’s impossible to top Aladdin’s decision to take Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet ride. It’s one of the greatest moments in Disney history and has become an iconic scene for the company over time.

Aladdin whisking Jasmine off her feet on a unique journey over the city provides breathtaking views that she is clearly amazed by. It’s a huge romantic gesture and one that proves how Aladdin really feels, as well as Jasmine, as she shows her trust, proving themselves to be one of Disney’s best couples.

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