23/05/2024 1:19 PM


Fashion The Revolution

Urban Alchemy Customized Hair Care Line Launches At Sally Beauty, Cosmo Prof And JCPenney Salon

New Flag, New York, has created a new personalized hair care line suited for professionals and consumers’ individual needs—Urban Alchemy. The brand’s hero collection, Prescription Care, is a 100% customizable hair care line consisting of three bases and seven different alchemies as well as additional specialty products. Consumers can tap into their needs for added shine, hair growth, repair, volume, moisture, scalp care or color lock and create personalized products catered to their unique hair needs and desired results.

Urban Alchemy’s Prescription Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask are customizable bases formulated with Omni Signature Complex, which has with antioxidants and nutrients such as rosehip oil, biotin, calcium pantothenate, corn oil, vitamin E and horse chestnut to cleanse and moisturize the scalp.

The Prescription Care Alchemies include: Repair, Scalp Care, Hair Density, Color Lock, Moisture, Shine and Volume. Additional Urban Alchemy Hair Care Solutions Blonde Toning Drops; Urban Alchemy Salt Scrub Cleansing Shampoo and Urban Alchemy Hydrating and Soothing Conditioner.

“New Flag is proud to pioneer a line of highly innovative and customizable products that will disrupt the hair care industry,” said Anthony Melzi, CEO, North America. “We know that everyone has different hair needs and we have worked hard to create a product that can provide a customizable approach for all.  We’re thrilled to launch our hero collection, and are continuing to grow our offerings with new innovations coming soon.”

“Consumers are craving personalization, especially when it comes to hair care. With the full line of Urban Alchemy available exclusively at Sally Beauty, we’re further expanding our breadth of professional quality products so consumers can craft a solution tailored to their specific needs and achieve their hair goals, no matter the hair type,” said Maryann Herskowitz, group vice president of merchandising, Sally Beauty.

Urban Alchemy’s customization enables alchemists to create their client’s personal formula in the salon that best suits each client’s needs. From there, clients can purchase their customized hair care mixture to achieve salon-tailored hair care at home.

“Our goal is to be an ally to stylists by providing them with innovative products that meet the unique needs of their diverse customer base. By offering Urban Alchemy at Cosmo Prof, we can provide a customizable solution that starts with stylists behind the chair and continues with customer use at home,” said Matt McAdam, group vice president of merchandising, Beauty Systems Group.

Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. includes Sally Beauty Supply and Beauty Systems Group (branded as CosmoProf or Armstrong McCall).