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Vanessa Bayer Compares SNL To New Show About Fictional QVC

Vanessa Bayer compares her new Showtime series, I Love That For You, to her previous live television work on Saturday Night Live for NBC.

Vanessa Bayer compares her experience at Saturday Night Live to her new show, I Love That For You. Bayer started on NBC’s SNL as a featured player in 2010 and became a part of the repertory cast in 2012. She has been a major figure in the popular comedy scene since appearing in Office Christmas Party, Trainwreck, and even had a recurring role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Bayer’s new show is about a fictional home-shopping channel and is based off Bayer’s own life of overcoming childhood leukemia. Wanting to move beyond her past, Bayer’s character (Joanna Gold) moves away from her parents to join the home shopping network. The series was picked up by Showtime in July of 2021.


At the TCA Showtime panel for her new series, Bayer compared the fast-paced nature of home shopping with her previous experience at Saturday Night Live. Bayer states that the nature of live television can create a competitive air for any show with any group of people. She also addresses how live sketches and home shopping items have a similar outlook in how they’re placed on the show. This element of competition even amongst those with a nice disposition gives a hint at the kind of comedy that can be expected from the show.

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Bayer also compares the elements of unpredictability that comes from live television, like home shopping or Saturday Night Live. Something unexpected is always bound to happen, and the best the actors/hosts can do is to just go with the flow. The spontaneity in I Love That For You is an exciting element to add to the workplace comedy format and should bring laughs as well as surprises for audiences.

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Source: Showtime TCA Panel


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