8 Best Tosh.0 Web Redemptions

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Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 became one of the network’s most successful and well-renowned series. Daniel Tosh’s brand of snarky humor turned out to be a perfect way to introduce wide audiences to people and places in the world that otherwise wouldn’t get much attention.

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Along with the commentary on internet videos, a staple of the series are the Web Redemptions. In these, Tosh gives some internet icons the chance to improve the world’s perception of them. Most go well, some don’t, but all of them are funny. But, with 301 episodes, some Web Redemptions were bound to stand out over others.

8 Microwave Glow Stick – Season 7, Episode 11

Daniel Tosh wearing a wig and using a chef's uniform

Tosh’s ‘Web Redemption’ of the glow stick kid is hilarious if only for his reaction to the kid’s confusion. The young man has no clue as to why his experiment failed. He does, however, find it interesting that once the glow stick is off, it stays off. While stifling laughter, Tosh relays the fact that once the glow stick is dead, it’s going to stay dead.

This “Redemption” came about after the teen tries to stick a glow stick in the microwave and it explodes all over him. The teen’s father rushes into the room and chastises the boy, though it’s mostly because he’s ruined his “awesome shirt.”

7 Martin Hicks – Season 1, Episode 1

Daniel Tosh talking to the Afro Ninja

Most pilots are fairly rough around the edges, and Tosh.0‘s was no different. Even in his first episode, though, Tosh showed audiences just how good an interviewer he can be. He is consistently respectful of the interviewee’s boundaries, displaying a sensitivity that stands in stark contrast to his brand of humor.

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Mark Hicks is a hard-working, successful Hollywood stuntman. However, he’s also a bit of an internet sensation. After twirling around nunchucks until he falls over, Hicks went on to become the stuff of Youtube legend. His interview with Tosh gives him a chance to try the failed stunt again, only this time, he succeeds. Hicks also gives some behind-the-scenes look into his very brief work on Fast Five. In the film, his character is introduced then immediately thrown from a speeding train.

6 Bubb Rubb – Season 4, Episode 16

Bubb Rubb sitting in a mechanic shop

In a play on the once-popular reality show, Pimp My Ride, Tosh “gives” Bubb Rubb a suped-up Hummer, with a television on the hood, and a lifetime supply of Cheetos coated in hot sauce. The Redemption works because Bubb Rubb is an entertaining presence and Tosh is clearly having fun.

Driving around the neighborhood in his decked-out car, Bubb Rubb likes to wake the neighbors. He’s installed a whistle to his car, and every time it’s pulled “it goes Woo-Woooo!” Bubb Rubb is the stuff of internet legend.

5 Kimberly Brown – Season 4, Episode 23

Sweey Brown looking shocked

One of the more famous interviewees in the history of Tosh.0, Kimberly Brown earns her fame throughout the Web Redemption. Brown is a kind and gentle woman, who just wants her family safe. She and Tosh create a PSA video about fire safety, and it is imminently rewatchable.

When a fire breaks out in the middle of the morning, Brown thinks someone is barbequing for Easter. It turns out to be a fire and when she’s interviewed by local news she spouts the now-iconic line: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

4 X12 – Season 5, Episode 2

X-12 sitting and talking to Daniel Tosh

X12 didn’t receive a Web Redemption. Technically, he received a CeWEBrity Profile. While the two are basically the same thing, the CeWEBrity Profile is more of an analysis of who the Youtuber is as a person.

X12 is a man who believes he has super-charged speed capabilities. He releases video after video showing off his “peak dynamic speed,” even going so far as to demonstrate it by running across an active highway. Tosh, of course, tells X12 he doesn’t think that to be the best idea.

3 Look At That Horse Guy – Season 2, Episode 11

Daniel Tosh greeting the Look at that Horse huy

Tosh brought the ‘Look At That Horse Guy’ on for a Web Redemption to try and give him a chance to explain why his video went viral. In the salesman’s video, he is seen to be displaying the power of the Kodak Easyshare 5MP Digital Camera on the Homes Shopping Network. He holds up a massive photo of a butterfly (facing away from him) and drags his hand over it, saying, “look at that horse.”

When speaking to Tosh, the man states there was no teleprompter and the horse-butterfly confusion was actually intentional. It was simply a means of bringing viewership to a program with struggling ratings. However, Tosh and the viewers were quite skeptical of the defense.

2 Tommy Edison – Season 9, Episode 3

A blind man wearing an orange tux talks to the camera, while Daniel Tosh sits behind and laughs

When Tosh invites Tommy Edison (who is known as the ‘Blind Film Critic’ on YouTube) to L.A., they engage in an Oscar binge-watching session. Going through films, such as the popular movie musical La La Land as well as the drama, Manchester by the Sea, Tosh allows Edison to show off his film knowledge.

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Edison clearly has a passion for film and can be quite funny with his reviews. He has also accrued a large following on YouTube, with over 40,000 followers on one channel and nearly 700,000 on the other.

1 The WoW Freak Out (Investigation) – Season 2, Episode 16

Daniel Tosh confronting the WoW Freakout kid

Some people may recall the video that shows a boy and his sister waking up for Christmas morning, where they excitedly run to the tree and begin unwrapping gifts. When the boy opens one of the larger gifts, he finds a brand new and timeless Nintendo 64, with plenty of games. He leaps around the room and screams over and over again.

Daniel Tosh’s Web Redemption for the N64 Kid went in a different direction than was standard. Tosh has seen the notorious video, yet disbelieves its credibility. He invites the N64 Kid on the show and proceeds with an (in jest) investigation. It is revealed that, yes, the N64 Kid’s video is a phony.

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