19/05/2024 5:50 AM


Fashion The Revolution

Black Business Weekend to support JoJo’s Beauty Supply, Crystal Young

One day in 2019, Crystal Young sat in her car remembering her cousin Joseph “JoJo” Felton. Felton had kidney issues and was on disability, which made it harder for him to find a stable job and take care of his children. 

A licensed cosmetologist, Young had already registered her beauty supply store, The Hair Store, and made a decision to hire her cousin. 

“My plan was to have my cousin work in my store because who doesn’t want somebody working in the store that people just love,” Young said. “I know how much my family and his friends loved him. So I knew that any customers that came into my store were gonna love him, too. He just was a lovable guy.”

But before that could come to pass, Felton died of kidney failure. Young was devastated, and one day as she sat in her car crying, she made a decision. She cranked up her car and drove to Tallahassee to the Florida Department of State to change her business name to JoJo’s Beauty Supply.