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Y-Warm is applied for warm-keeping clothes worn to watch winter sports

During the just-concluded 2022 Beijing Winter Sports Games, most of snow sports competition venues are located in mountainous areas, and ambient temperature is below minus 10 Celsius. How can the audience watch the games warmly in extremely cold conditions, and how can the staff and audience avoid frostbite? The clothes and cushions designed by the Tsinghua University research team using light & thin Y-Warm insulation material, which provide effective warm keeping property for outdoor activities.

Y-Warm CT 3D imaging

“Warm keeping in extremely cold condition can only be achieved through thickness accumulation, but it already comes to the limitation of clothing chubbiness, which is a very challenging technical bottleneck in clothing thermal insulation”said Feipeng Zhong – CTO of Beijing Matrix Technologies Co., Ltd. Porous material Aerogel shows extremely low thermal conductivity and can be used in thermal insulation applications. Due to its mechanical performance defects, the wide application is hard to achieve. After 8 years research and development, Y-Warm has invented the flexible nano-size closed porous thermal insulation material with extremely low thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical performance, high moisture permeability as well. Successful development and mass production of Y-Warm not only improves the thermal insulation performance of extremely cold clothing, but also reduces its thickness and weight, which is a great news for outdoor workers in extremely cold environment.

“Y-Warm is a thermal insulation materials, with 0.75 mm thickness and 48 g/㎡ weight, which can be filled in between apparel fabric and lining, just like adding thermal insulation layer on clothing”said Feipeng Zhong. “Isolate cold firstly, then keep warm”the innovative approach can significantly improve thermal insulation efficiency of clothing, so the thickness of clothing with the same warm keeping ability can be reduced and clothing are no longer chubby. This is the first time in history that thermal insulation material has been applied to winter clothing. In 2021, Y-Warm was supplied to the market for the first time. Due to its environmental-friendly characteristic and revolutionary wearing experience, four Chinese clothing brands launched their products using Y-Warm material, they all achieved great success and wined high popularity among consumers.

“Technical innovation, makes people and animals coexist more harmoniously,” said Feipeng Zhong. Demand reduction is the best way to protect animals. The powerful functions and performance of Y-Warm make winter clothes warm keeping more efficient, and clothes are lighter and more fashion. We are committed to making technology serve life, and already upload Y-Warm technical principles and detailed information to our website, so that anyone who are interested can easily understand the product and get our contact formation.

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